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SIforAGE meeting - WP2/WP8 - Copenhagen, 23rd and 24th May 2013
WP2/WP8 Project Meeting, Scion DTU, Copenhagen




WP2/WP8 Project Meeting

Copenhagen, May 23-24, 2013

Scion DTU




Thursday, May 23




Arrival to Copenhagen, DTU


Lunch at DTU




Introduction: Goals of the workshop, communication, misc…




Short presentations of the examples of TEC design (“Espresso” TEC session)

Goal: (1) to set a scene for the discussion and to have concrete examples/cases of TEC; (2) to have an overview of the preparation status


        CARINNA (Bernard Stree) (15-20’ max)

        City of Torino (Alessandro Cabodi) (15-20’ max)

        3 short presentations by Danish Eldercare Solutions provider with the feedback from the representative of “ÆldreSagen” /Welfare tech Denmark” (Elder association NGO / a welfare technology cluster)









Initial roundtable discussion on TEC design (“Espresso” session evaluation)

Goal: (1) to agree on the common principles of TEC design; (2) to collect data on country-specific aspects of eldercare and their implications on TEC design

Issues to discuss:

        Initial feedback

        Common criteria for technology users, technology solutions and other stakeholders selection. How to invite all participants?

        Country-specific aspects study (please get prepared, put together a couple of slides):

        What would help elders in your country?

        Who is involved in eldercare in Your country?

        Where does most of the Elderly person live (Urban/ rural)?

       If this (example) technology were to be used by an elderly person in your country, how would it be purchased / serviced?

        If this Solution was to be integrated  in your countries Elder care system, what  authorities  would get  involved in the implementation  process?





Technology experience evaluation/survey (chairperson: Sibila Marques, ISCTE)


Goal: to set the uniformed and scientifically-sound standards to TEC results evaluation and reporting



Issues to discuss:

        Targets for technology experience evaluation: what do we want/need to get as a result? Do we need different types of results for different stakeholders?

        Overview of most appropriate/relevant experience evaluation methods

        How to design an evaluation survey in a connection with the TEC design (example of the CARINNA’s TEC)

        Quantitive/Qualitative surveys,

       Processing of the surveys’ results and reporting formats




Roving in Christianhavns Canal (short walk from Hotel)




Dinner at Gorms Nyhavn (New Nordic / Italian Fusion)

please tell us if there are diets allergies to be considered and the chef will accommodate


Friday, May 24


Technology experience evaluation/survey (chairperson: Sibila Marques, ISCTE)


Goal: to make a critical progress in drafting questionnaires


Using the design of the first TEC in France (presented on Thursday) we need to come up with the clear plan for evaluation (set of questionnaires, guidelines for evaluation, etc.)




Nailing down organizational issues (DFKI)


        Organizational aspects ensuring impact and visibility (incentives for all participants, promotional activities, sponsorship (???), follow-up activities)

        Documentation of TEC organizational experiences and reporting

        Roadmap of preparation for the 2 first TECs, outline of the schedule for all 4 TECs

        List of organizational issues still pending solutions

       What is “on-road technology experiences”? How to collect information for D2.5?




SIforAge WP8 Business Coaching sessions (chairperson: Uffe/Louise, INVESTORNET)


Goal: To help with recruiting technology providers



        How do we reach out to the best solution providers in  your country (private Companies)?

        Examples of cluster and stakeholder networks identified in Denmark and what they are looking for abroad.

        What InvestorNet through SIforAge WP8 can offer as follow-up to the SME’s that provide solutions to  the TEC.





Conclusions, remarks and thanks


WP2/WP8 Project Meeting. InvestorNet - Gate2Growth Scion – DTU Diplomvej 381 DK 2800 Lyngby T: (+45) 39 307 307 F: (+45) 88 708 090 Further information:
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