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Grup Dedal-Lit

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Project FFI2016-79666-R: 'Ageing, Quality of Life and Creativity through Narrative' 2016-2020


Project FFI2012-37050: 'Aging and Gender in Contemporary Literary Creativity in English'


ENAS (European Network in Aging Studies)


SIforAGE (Social Innovation on active and healthy ageing for sustainable economic growth)


The SIforAGE International Conference

"Envisioning a New World: Social Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing"


INDEST (Institute for Research in Social and Territorial Development)


IRIS (Institute for Research into Identity and Society (IRIS)

CSIC webpage


Euopean Commission

Economic Policy Committee (EPC)


Parliament of The United Kingdom 




Comisión Europea
Asuntos Económicos y financieros





2012 Envejecimiento activo



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Carme's blog "The woman detective"

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